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T-Rex Browser using base T Browser [Koded Apps] (4)
KJ Translator App Created By Me [Koded Apps] (6)
I Have Create A Wallpaper App With All New Components Of Makeroid....Thank You Makeroid [Koded Apps] (18)
Domain Availability Checker Application with AIA [Koded Apps] (11)
Free Maharashtra State Board TextBooks of 1st - 10th Class & Learning Video System [Kodular Store] (1)
SideBar Menu with Image Change & Google Account Picker -TinyDB _Tutorial and Aia [Koded Apps] (2)
Ultimate Social Browser [Koded Apps] (2)
QR Scanner | Scanner and QR Code Creator [Koded Apps] (12)
Firebase Login Template ( 2 3 ) [Open Source] (43)
Firebase Login and signup Template for Begineers [Open Source] (3)
[made in kodular.io][FREE] App Privacy Policy Generator and Terms and Condition Generator [Koded Apps] (5)
[Coming Soon] Whats Art : An App that can create Awesome Artwork for everyone! [Koded Apps] (13)
Material design login and signup layout [Open Source] (2)
All Screen Collection [Kodular Store] (1)
Mkrd login+Sign up Screen [PRO] [Open Source] (1)
Login & Sign up layout [HIGH QUALITY] [Koded Apps] (7)
Simple Login Sign Up layout [update] [Open Source] (1)
I Developed a Signup Screen [Open Source] (2)
My First App!: Ultimate Private Browser [Koded Apps] (3)
How to open whatsapp chat without saving number [Koded Apps] (1)
V1.7 Thanks Makeroid Team: MY Another app Live On Play Store Cricket Asia Cup 2018 [Koded Apps] (19)
Let’s Think Binary E Book [Koded Apps] (6)
Wallpaper App makeroid Version ( 2 ) [Koded Apps] (26)
My YouTube Channel Apk and aia file will be provided soon with Admin Panel [Koded Apps] (3)
V1.2.2 Bee Merger my first App ( 2 3 ) [Games] (41)
HyExtension IDE : Offline Java Editor for Android made with Makeroid [Koded Apps] (7)
Multilingual Book Apps [Koded Apps] (10)
SketchPad - Doodle On The Go [Koded Apps] (19)
Makeroid Store Timeline [Kodular Store] (5)

Makeroid Store Timeline This topic will be used to notify for updates on Makeroid Store, like a Release Notes topic

Delete application on Makeroid Store missing [Kodular Store] (3)