1.4 K downloads per day #3 Top free App

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #1

Hey guys i put an app on playstore just one month back and it got 10 k downloads and right now my app is trending #6 in Event categories and im getting around 1 k downloads per day !

Thanks to Kodular for providing such wonderful platform to develop app. thanks to all extension developers who has put their free extension in community. Due to their efforts my application got value.

I didnt do any single paid promotion for app but i used my own indexing technique so that my app can appear on top during search on playstore.

App link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.kodular.dafaqdevelopers.PUBG_free_giveaway

Screenshot :

Warmly ,
Hitesh K. Yadav
Dafaq Developers

(.) #2

Please tell me what you did? I spended Rs 2000 but still 100+ downlods please tell me

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #3

sir i do indexing of applications. i have 3 major apps and all of them are having 10k + downloads …i can help you in it . kindly message me on whatsapp 8744958220 or share your contact.

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #4

1.4K downloads per day #3 Top free

(Sridevi Kannan) #5

You have chosen the category of your app in ‘events’ , that’s why your app is in #3 . Also note that you have launched a pubg tournaments app which is not permitted in play store. Your app and account will be suspended if you continue the app . Just remove the app before your account is suspended.

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #6

Firstly doesn’t matters if its event category or whatever category it is, bringing 1.5 k download per day is a huge achievement .

Secondly my app is not tournament app. i know tournament app is not allowed on playstore. my app is giveaway app.

(Sridevi Kannan) #7

Ok sorry bro , seems to be I have hurted you . I just gave u a suggestion.

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #8

come on . this is not good. As i told you my app is not tournament app . i have put a lots of efforts to build it and its giveaway app not tournament.

Do some hardwork instead of calling others app cheap. Commenting is easy.

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #9

and who are you to tell me what kind of apps i should keep lol

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #10

im not hurted. just your comment didnt made any sense. and im not your bro. im Hitesh K. Yadav

(Abhijith) #11

There is something wrong in your app, i joined everything without the ads loading, It said Ad Loading and It said Im in without even seeing an ad :laughing:

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #12

It’s not wrong actually. If ads failed to load then also user can join. Because in India we r having lots of admob issues…ads are not loading in many areas. So I don’t want the user to get confuse if ads don’t load.
User gets joined also if ads don’t load .

(TechGeekNerd) #13

nice bro, app is nice but if you want then you can enhance it design.
Loved Your App…

(Admire Developers) #14

Beware of close internet function

(Deepanshu Arya) #15

I think you created this topic to show your love towards Kodular and to express your view… So It will be more accurate if you move this post to praise category instead of off topic
Any ways keep koding

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #16

thanks for appreciation bro.

(Admire Developers) #17

Well done i wish you will grow more