2 different apps 1 firebase

Hello I have looked around. I am trying to creat 2 different apps that access the same firebase data base but I am running into a problem where the package names clash 1 app is for users and the second is for admins but the admins can also have the user app does any one have any idea what I can do

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You have a different package name for the admin app I presume?

If yes, then what exactly is the problem?
If no, then I gave you the solution

fire base will only act on 1 package name it wont work with different names

It does work!
I too have an admin app and a user app. Both installed on the same device and both work perfectly fine.

Have you added both the package names in the firebase console?

Again, what is exactly the problem?

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May be he is saying that he wants both admin & user app installed on admin’s app but because of same package name he is not able to install both apps !!

ill try again i might have made a error some
where thank you will let you know soon


I already mentioned that solution

And looking at @Grant_Kuhn reply, it looks like they are having a problem with the firebase end and not of package names

Sure try again and let us know.

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how do you add a second package name to firebase

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Under Project Settings,

You can also have a look here for some extra knowledge


thank you i really did not know that i could add more “apps” i have only build 1 way connections so far … thank you very much

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