2nd Screen, Change screen

How do I switch to the second page when a button is pressed?
I can’t enter a screen name when I use “open another screen screenName” and it doesn’t work.

Thanks for all helping.

Hi @onmusic8d welcome to Kodular Community
Use open another screen block to open other screen.
But read this before switching between screens:

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Why you can’t enter? :open_mouth:

Did you used a text block? Otherwise, you can’t directly type a screen name inside of block.

@yusufcihan Hayır kullanmadım. “when-do” ve “open another screen” bağlantısını get ile bağlamayı denedim fakat “get” e de bir ekran ekleyemedim. Rica etsem yapabilir misin veya anlatabilir misin?

The language here is english. Please translate your post.

Translation for other users:


It should work with this way, don’t forget to replace the screen name according to your project.

Bu şekilde çalışması gerekir, ekran adını projene göre uygun olarak değiştirmeyi unutma.

Now I am facing this error, I could not solve it.
“Error from Companion: invoke: no method named `ReceiveSharedText’ in class io.makeroid.companion.Screen1”