5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

How do we add multiple strings in YouTube procedure. Do i need to call foreach loop multiple times ? any ideas ?

You can use for each number
Then select item from list.


Thanks that worked :+1:

Thank you…

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How to create a grid view on this Extantion

Refer this guide

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how to change custom position value in to list

First of thank you for this great guide. I just need an example for “BigImage ListView”, there is any .aia data you have.I wanna understand it better? :slight_smile:

He has provided an aia file check that. It must be there if I am not wrong.

There is .aia data but I only found for the simple listview.

Expand procedure blocks and you will see them :slight_smile:


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Aia is provided


i need variable icons / images for each card

how to set blocks…

Use For each number block.

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blocks (43)

thanks …this is working

Ya, This is another way but both work fine…

Everything is OK…Only i am getting error when click any card …

my block is

kindly Solve it…Thanks in Advance

The error is pretty self explanatory, it was expecting a label but it received a cardview instead.
You will have to use the replace block to change the ID from the cardview’s to the label’s

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ohk this is working…But Card Click problem occurs.
Clicking on cards dont working smoothly (Sometime works or not)

my whole blocks are here …

You have to set cardview’s full clickable property to true…