5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

Instead of creating image set the image to the backgroung image on the Arrangement.
And you cannot create components inside the image.

@themaayur ok i got it.

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How to use click event from dynamic component?

Use anycomponent block

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@themaayur i make this design by using dynamic component by yusufcihan and image and cache by devYB.Thank for your guide Maayur.


Thanks @kweng :heart_eyes: , I am glad that my guid helped you to do what you want. :blush::blush::blush:

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@themaayur Now I can create any kinds of design whatever I want,I think not only me your guide will help many people who want to create their own design.

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Copy Alert

I found a guy making a video about list view using this guide, first I was not confirmed that he is coping my guide as anyone can make same using the extension.

But by seeing this I am confirm that he is copying.

This are the comments on the previous videos and after that he made a video about how to make Listview using dynamic components. And he also said that he has more Designs and he will post later.

We here spend days to make a app/guide and these people just make a video of it and don’t even give credit to it.


Don’t Worry i Think he is Not active on Community that’s why he is Unaware of it.

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Actually I don’t have any issue if he or anybody uses it for that purpose, but due to this the original author dosen’t gets credit for his work and hard-work and time spent to make a stuff’s.

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Correct​:white_check_mark: But Sometimes Not Getting Credit is Ok If That thing is Used in Good Purpose like he His Motivating other To Learn and to Development that Kind of Logic To make Things in App Inventor Based Platforms.

I am not sad/unhappy to not get credit. As I asid

I just shared what I saw.

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Although this Guide is For Learning purpose and Its Doing Great. :+1::+1:

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@themaayur OH! I thought that it’s your channel.I had also seen that video in a youtube channel.

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I read an Instagram post somedays ago which said something like

Don’t worry if they are copying you, fear when they stop copying :sunglasses:

I really liked this line


@Vaibhav thanks for this motivation :blush:

I also liked it and also got what it mean.


Yes, for me too, One guy used my login ui design template and din’t give me credits, I pm and also send him in the topic, he ignored, just I reported. Its creator 24 youtube channel

It’s Everywhere.

And now let’s not go off topic :blush:

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User who made a video of your topic was already suspended for spreading commercial extensions. He made another account here on the community and that is now suspended to.