$7.25 payment to Junnovate, LLC was unsuccessful

How to remove COMMISSION PERCENTAGE 5% - 30% from Project!

I was use a lot of MasterCard but Not payment is incomplete!

And How to contact to supporter!m1 m2 m3 m4

Sometimes a payment can fail due to several reasons. Open a new ticket in Kodular Support to provide you further information about your failed transaction.


I can not pay.
I tried to send an email to [email protected] but could not delivered.

my problem was that I can not give an automatic payment order to my bank. So I must pay every month manually. I tried in this way but could not receive 3d security code. Then I canceled my purchase and added a new card number. But after “confirm purchase button” I receive this;


Same here… after talking to support, they say they will fix it, until now almost weeks problem still exist.

I can not send mail to the addres [email protected]

@kodular please look in to this…


@kodular I am waiting for any answer please

  1. have you do any international transactions.
  2. your card should be enabled for international transactions.
  3. your card should also be enabled for Ecommerce.

this problem also held with me :grin:

None of yours, in my case the problem is @kodular.
The purchase system, the payment method are broken and I can not reach the @kodular staff and the given support contact mail is broken.

I just tried again. Everything was fine but when I paid the same problem reoccurred. Can you please check?

They’ve all been sleeping for the past few days :sleeping:


More than a few users have reported the same error. I’ll take a look this week and see if there is something wrong on our end or if it’s a problem with our partners at Stripe


can you please reset my “confirm purchase” button now? I want to try it again.

Can you try now?

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the button is still image

it is ok now. I could paid. I hope next month will be easier.