90k+ ad request and only 150 filled. Any solution?

I have monetizd my app with Facebook ads. But it is not loading ads properly. It have got 90k+ ad request in just 2 days but only 150 filled. I am using this app in my phone and ad always loads 100% . But the same app when I sent it to my friend or when someone downloads my app and use it from playstore. It shows very few ads. Any solution???

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Hi @bardankhadka2019 ,

it’s Very common that Facebook has very much low fill rates espically when your app is Published but not fully genuine App. ( Like Loading YT Video or other Things )

In this case of low Fill rate i like to recommend you to Load Other network Ads ( Admob, Unity etc. ) When FB ads Failed to Load or got Error While Loading.

If this help you then mark it as Solution.


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Same problem in my app you have any solution