A Idea For Admob Approval Feature

Hello i don’t know confirmed but the admob approval of apps is done by the @Diego and we can hasten the process for the apps that are not uploaded on playstore or uploaded any websites. Our Pro Koders like @Peter @Boban and more can also help i am not saying to force someone to do this work but if he/she wants to do the work and is trust worthy and one of the elites of our community they can do the job. It will be great help to developers and as well as diego.
Please let me know if there is any disadvantages except he will give approval to anyone because i can blindly trust on Peter and Boban and all other sorry if i not metioned you name others but all other can support this idea.


There’s 7 of us, not just Diego…

I understand that it might be frustrating waiting for approval but we need to review each app to make sure that they are compliant with Google’s policies.

We do try to review apps as quickly as possible but sometimes it can take a while when there are hundreds of other apps pending.

We can’t let other people help review apps due to several reasons.


approval wait is worth as it increase the chances to safe your admob and if you write the description(at the time of requesting approval) of your app very clearly and tell the true reason of what the question is. It help them to process the application faster


No its not but feels uncomfortable because after whole work the approval takes time but your work always the best than other builders so i am ok with it.

Some good things take time. :wink:

It takes more time when people write about themselves, Pubg and Nintendo Switch rather than their app.


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