A long way... #CinelarTV

I just recommend you look at Dribbble designs for inspiration, not totally take the ideas.

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Are you using a p i or download it and uploading on on your server I know that I am asking it second time but I want to know that have do you done this I contacted Netflix customer service about this but they don’t know about it
Thanks in advance

In the first phase of Cinelar I will be using OneDrive for lack of money, if the statistics in AB Studios Dashboard are high enough I will invest in Akamai Video CDN and Amazon AWS for the highest possible speed and quality

Talking on Netflix: I leave you a site (In Spanish) that explains in detail how Netflix works

The “Download” function will not be available until @Souvik_Bera performs a video encryption/decryption extension

Note: Downloads will only be available to users with subscription

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I think you didn’t get me I am asking how you got approved for show Netflix

Netflix not aproved


Thanks for reminding me. I will give it a try ASAP



Welcome @Fabio to AB Studios LLC

Officially I would like to welcome @Fabio to the @ABStudios team and, therefore, to CinelarTV
Lately I have been working closely with him on this project.

To all users in Brazil :brazil: : Fabio will manage the Brazilian catalog, they can request content from him as long as they belong to a television network mentioned in the first post

@hammerhai - CinelarTV Collaborator

Many already know him, so he doesn’t need a presentation :laughing:

Nathan is collaborating with CinelarTV so we can provide a unique feature: Chromecast!


It’s a new journey that’s been pleasurable for me.
Let’s move on! :blush:


Please call me by Nathan! Otherwise I’m glad to help :slightly_smiling_face:, well try my best.

Sorry, my error :sweat_smile:

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CinelarTV Poll

As developers, we always wonder: will users like it? Will it look good? Will I add another function?

That’s why I decided to add this survey, to find out the opinion of :kodular: Kodular Community users who will obviously be more than welcome to the app :wink:

UI Theme

  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme
  • User selection

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Profile Selector [Including Child Mode]

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I will leave this list at your disposal for you to choose

SmartTV Compatibility (Using Web Video Caster)

  • Yes
  • No

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Added “Serie Overview” Screenshot" :white_check_mark:

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Hi you might be able to do it with activity starter. see here: Intent to Join  |  Cast  |  Google Developers

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This topic has been completely rewritten :white_check_mark:

Added AB Studios Community (:discourse: Discourse) :white_check_mark:

Added “Breadly on AWS” :white_check_mark:

Added AB Studios Status (CachetHQ) :white_check_mark:

Added CinelarTV Features :white_check_mark:


What service are you using for unified login?

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