A Problem While Signing With Google Account

When i tried to sign in with my Google Account in kodular with my own kodular created browser there showed this problem as show in picture​:point_down::point_down::point_down:

When i explored the problem i found that Google did not allow any account to be signed-In in any application until that application has integrated Google oauth please someone help me.

If only you had searched the community before posting with search term Useragent

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There showed that we have to use chrome custom tabs can’t we use web view and sign in to Google Account. Is this possible?

Just change the user agent

I found this :point_down: in one of the topic from the search results

The only thing is you just need to read

Changing the user agent still doesn’t work it tell the web viewer to load Google sign-in page but when i fill my Google email address and password and hit enter to sign-in the page keeps on loading and not proceed further this problem specially occur when to sign to kudular with my own kodular created application.