A question about app approval for Admob ads

Hello guys ,
I am now working on an app and I am planning to publish it in Google play store as soon as I finish it . It will be a free app so adding ads to it is necessary . My questions are :

  1. Can I publish my app in play store without need for app approval and still get monetized by ads ? Is it enough to create the admob layouts and the necessary code blocks and the ads will show up after uploading the app in playstore without a need to ad ID ?

  2. When do I exactly need my app to be approved ? Is it just when I want to test it ?



  1. Yes, you do not need an approval from Kodular if you’re going to publish your app on Google Play. Just set up blocks correctly and ad will be shown after publishing.

  2. You must need an approval from Kodular in order to show ads if you do not publish app on Google Play.

Thank you , but will they pay same for ads in case app not approved ? I mean will the commission still be the same in case the app is not approved ?

Yes, commission will be the same. You can check commission percentage for your app using Kodular Commission Calculator app.

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