.AAB needed, to publish my app in play store! Please HELP

Hello guys i have little problem with publish my apk in play store. Namely they say something about „Android App Bundle”

Unoptimized APK file
This APK contains code and resources that are sent to users but will not be used by their devices. Your app may be smaller if you use the Android app suite. Applications that are not optimized for device configuration take a larger download and install size than necessary. Larger applications are installed less frequently and take up more space on users’ devices.
Use the Android app suite to automatically optimize for device configuration or manage it yourself with multiple APKs

Any ideas what i must to do? Thanks

That’s only a tip or warning…Simply ignore it…It’s a tip to optimize your apk size…


Ok, i understand but i can’t start rollout to production because this button are disabled. Only previous and discard button are available to click.

this is what @Diego is working on, see here

then there must be something else you forgot to provide…
this message is only a warning and can be ignored for now



I think, that i know what happens i mean why “start rollout to production” button is disabled, first must wait to “content rating” will be done, right?

Yes , you can done all things than go for rollout production you can fill all information about your app than in end you can start rollout

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I think this problem is now solved :raised_hands:


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