Aab Package Play Store Publishing Problem

Hello Everyone

Recently i published my app in playstore with aab package so my app was submitted successfully but after the installation my app launcher icon not showing
(If I Install Apk From Kodular its working fine) any body know about the issue?

See here:


thanks for the reply
i checked the post but i am getting totally different problem i am getting the issue with aab package kodular and apk app working fine so today i submit the apk for the review lets see whats happen next @bodymindpower

Please explain in detail, what this exactly means:
“my app Can’t Found Any Where”

please try it

No, I have no time …

ok after the installation from play store i can’t found my app in main menu,
but in app manager it installed means there is no option to open it…

Does this mean you won’t see the launcher icon and app name on your device?

If so, that doesn’t apply to me. My app released as an internal test track was installed correctly from the Play Store and I see the launcher icon & appName on my device.

okay good to hear
but in my case i can’t see the app launcher icon so that’s why i asked you to install the app and check because i did on 5 devices multiple time but same prob…

Ok, I checked it on one of my test devices and tried to open the app directly after installation from PlayStore.

The app does not open. And yes, there is no app icon …
There’s no way, without further details, to say what went wrong here.

Well, it seems that you have two folders in your apk


and also this is missing in your manifestfile due to that
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/>

check your aia file and move all the content from pubg_lag_free to Anti_Lag_Tool_Pubg, upload to kodular and build…


Hi @ronniearora,

When opening your app using Skit, the error in the screenshot below appears.

The APKs from aab (bundle) are built by Google Play.
Did you get the APK using → bundletool?

No, downloaded it from play store.

Means on a rooted device. (Or how else?)

And why shouldn’t there be any problems with the APK created with Kodular?

To get more light into the dark, we need the AIA or at least the working APK (created with Kodular).

Thanks @Boban i ll Try this

Ok, e.g. this way:

Did you do anything with your aia.

yes @Boban
because i can’t make it available for everyone for app privacy and concept(just removed main info api) nothing else

If I modify the Manifest of the APK (received after installation from the Play Store, distributed from the aab bundle):

the app is installed and the launcher icon is displayed. But then there is the following warning (error):