Ability to run custom Javascript in WebViewer Component

Hi, this is my first post in this awesome community. I would like to request a feature for the next Makeroid update.

It will be really great if we get an option to run some custom Javascript commands on the loaded webpage in the WebViewer component.

This thing is possible by using an extension called WebView Tools. But this extension is NOT compatible with Makeroid and doesn’t work at all. Here is a screenshot how it’s useful:

We get the following error if we use this extension:

Again this facility is there in our competitor Thunkable X (but is lagging behind in Android app development). Here is a screenshot of the similar feature in Thunkable X (see the property “InjectedJavaScript”):


I hope my this feature request will draw attention of our respected developers and my fellow users.

@pavi2410 sir, I learnt that you are working on the WebView component. Please look into my request, it’s urgent for my app. It is an important addition I think.

Please UPVOTE and support my request for the benefit of all and make Makeroid the best AppMaker out there. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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