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Hi Koders, I am searching throughout Web from last two days to gather info about Admob App-Ads.txt that Google going to roll out from 27th of August. I am not sure that whether I should post it publicly or discuss privately. Before going through the details, I request Admin team not to hesitate to flag this post, if you think this could be harmful to discuss publicly.

What I came to know till now: App-Ads.txt is not mandatory to use but only for security to ensure you earn 100% of your revenue. That’s not bad! But, I came to know that, if we use this on our app, Google will block any other Ad Networks on app (Rather than app creator’s). So here, 2 questions came into my mind. If every Ad Network launch this, then-

  1. Will it effect App Inventors?
  2. Is Google’s App-Ads.txt policy comply Mediation Program policy?

This is an important topic. If Google will block other Ad networks then how will this affect ads on Kodular?

Currently if you use, say Admob, Kodular shows Unity ads approximately 10% of the time. Will the Unity ads be blocked? Will this affect the rest of the Admob ads?

This is a very sensitive topic on Kodular as a majority of members are not aware of it. So, I tried to make this topic as simple as possible and not to spread rumours.

Now, get into the point,

1. What is App-Ads.txt?
App-Ads.txt is nothing but a simple text file contains Ad Unit IDs and Publisher ID.

2. How will it work?
So far, when we publish an App in Google Play, Google asks for Developer Website URL. But, it’s not mandatory till now. From August 27, every developer who want to use App-Ads.txt on their app must need to have a developer website. And, they need to upload that text file on the root directory of their website. Google will auto detect the file and verify the same. After verification, they will block ads (on that particular app) from second publisher ID (If any).

Important Note: It’s yet not clear that, how Google will count the Second Publisher Account. If they count Publisher IDs from any Ad network, then it will harm all App Inventor Platforms, definitely. But, I don’t think they will count this way! Because, if they count this way they will be violating their own rules (Admob Mediation Program policy)!

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Lookout this topic

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I am continuously getting these message on my StartApp Account
My eCPM has also dropped from 0.30$ to 0.05$ since when I start getting these messages

Please help me in:

  1. How to Implement app-ads.txt in my app to increase my Earning
  2. Does it will effect my app in any possible way as my app is on Play Store
  3. Does it will affect other add networks (eg: Facebook, Admob) as I only use StartApp Now
    but maybe I use these ads network in future

Big Help
Thanks in Advance

Please don’t make duplicated posts. Stay with the first post you have. I’m gonna unlist and close this.

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