About firebase database rules

first of tell you i searched and visited many topic but i unable to get info so i created this topic.

i am working on 1 project to last 1 week. after 1 week i receive one mail from google firsebase console

mail screen shot as bellow

any problem with this or any solution ?

You have set your Firebase Database Rules of Read and Write to True.

Atleast change them to -
“rules”: {
“.read”: “auth.uid !== true”,
“.write”: “auth.uid !== true”

For more Search in Community.
As it is Discussed Several Times.

what is the mean of this ?
is it safe ?

This means only authenticated user can view and change the data.

it is also not secure,
But surely more than setting read and write to True.
And avoiding that mail from reappearing.

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authenticated means app users ?

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Firebase Database Rules is a Topic of Concern.

Have a Look at this Guide to Update your Rules -

for this i need to use firebase authentication also

it’s your choice.
if you are not using Firebase Authentication
Then you can’t use auth.uid !

As in one Part of Guide it is Explained how to set different rules for different tags.
You can use that simply with True and False Rules.

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