About the component "Maps"

Hi guys,

First of all, I’m talking about the component Maps, not the Google Maps.

I am using it in my app, but I noticed that the map quality gets low, is it possible to improve that? Changing to HD quality?

There are 3 map types (designs) available, is it possible to add another one, different from those 3? Because with Google Maps there are beautiful kinds of map, can I somehow add one of those kinds into the component “Maps”?

Hello there,
Please check the component docs to know more about the component.

This seems quite impossible at this time.

Please stop reviving old topics. It’s basically a form of spamming as you are causing these topics to come to the top of the forum page for no reason.

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Openstreet Map…It’s a MIT component…so it depends on the OpenStreet® and MIT. Though the resolution I found is good enough, if I have good internet speed. It has still too many good features that is not popularly used.

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