[Action Required] Switch to the Play Referrer API by March 1, 2020

I received this email today please any one can tell me what is this and how to fix ?
[Action Required] Switch to the Play Referrer API by March 1, 2020


Email says it all,

dont use that refer system/api which you are using to refer peoples to install app

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What is that ? Mean I’m not good in English so can you please tell me what is that system/api mean

I didn’t use any third party api

describe your app, with details, what functions are app containing.

People can download mobile updates on my app, like China update and global , my app support more than 50+ devices update

is there any refer system, like refer to friends to install app,

because email says you are using any refer system which is not gonna work for your app after march 2020, dont know its default or used by you,

Many third party SDK’s like ad networks and analytics implementations uses install referrer.

I only added share button it only share app link and i also used onesignal that’s it I never used any refer system

then maybe its default by Kodular, lets see if Staff knows about that and check that.

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thank you very much

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Yes, I think fabric will stop working on march 2020, because fabric has migrated to firebase. So also Kodular must switch to firebase…

What is fabric ?

I contact with Google and they send me this

i found i video on youtube that tell about referrer api and tells how to solve it
but i can’t understand because it Android Studio Project.

i think it’s serious problem.