Activity Starter Email: Set cursor to subject field

I have successfully set up an Activity Starter that opens an email client. Unfortunately the cursor stops at the end of the email address. I would like to put it in the subject field for a “better user experience”. Does anyone know whether this is possible with Extra Value or something and what I have to use?

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Have you tried adding ?subject= after email?


what about using one of the more advanced solutions like one of the mail extensions?
you could have your own textbox inside your app to enter the subject…

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor and Kodular


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As always, a quick and smart hint. But in this case it does not work. Even if I set a text as subject, the cursor remains at the input field for e-mail recipients. But I found out, that it is just a client-side behaviour. In Gmail, cursor is set at Message, in e.g. K-9 Mail (my standard) it is at recipient field. So there will be no solution at all for this special “problem”. Thanks @Taifun and @Boban for taking a look into it. Always a pleasure to know that you´re here.

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