Activity Starter - how to show App not Found Error

I am using Activity starter to start other app with data uri.
Its working Well. but
I want to show Error message if user have not installed required app
so how can i do this with blocks

i have tried this type of blocks

Can you show the result of Activity_Starter.Resolve Activity method with connecting to companion then using “Do It” feature?

is it correct?

It works if there is a error with Activity.

it Showing Error No Corresponding Activity Found

Which block?

is it correct?

Using this

It is correct as I said,

okk i’m trying with replacing custom error message

I have tried this


but Getting Same Error No Corresponding Activity Found

Okk Problem Solved (Updated : Not Working Correctly sometime)
Have arranged Blocks like this and it working well…

Thanks @yusufcihan

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Using This Blocks Its Not Working Every time Correctly. Sometime its Showing this Error.
Don’t know whats wrong.

You should show us whole Activity code


This is probably issue you are having, to use same activity component for different things

By clicking first time on one of the buttons it will work, second time it will not, to overcome this we will have to add respective block with empty string that doesn’t exist in the other button


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Thanks @Boban Now It’s Working Correctly. I have placed blocks wrong before that…
Now its showing correct notifier text.

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I Have one more Problem regarding this.
Notifier not receiving AfterActivity Result
have used blocks like this.
blocks are correct but i don’t know whats the problem.

Notifier Showing Empty/Blank Alert without any text

Probably because result is empty


this is big problem. because i want to show Activity Success or fail.
I cant post Custom message to notifier because. sometime User Activity fails there is also Empty alert shown by Notifier.

This is Payment related app(Not Earning or other). And payments are done by Third Party App.
okk i’am experimenting more things.

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