Activity starter need permission

I’m using activity starter for
1 - make calls
2 - send otp SMS

Is I need permission from users ?

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If this permission is necessary. App takes it automatically. You not have to do anything.
@Vikash_Rana This helps you? If yes. Mark as solved.

Why not just try and see what happens. It is the best way to learn.


will google reject of my app from this issue ?
because its very sensitive activity
i need verified solution

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Which issue?

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from this permission issue

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No Google will not reject your app.

Ok dear.

I’m using following activities in my original application.

Is need ask permission from users ?

1- Using SMS Activity from web.

2- Using Map activity from activity starter.

3- gallery or Read or write external storage from image picker.

4- Using Call activitiy from activity starter.

Please give me Google play console accepted solution.

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Anyway you can use google to search Android Permission List !!


@Vikash_Rana Yes, app will ask permission from users. I think you have to check by your own means download the app and check app is asking for permission or not?

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Hey, @Vikash_Rana have you checked? App is asking for Permission?

It’s ask permission only gallery files.

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Uninstall that app and reinstall and check.

it will then also ask

like tell wat app features work witout permission and dnt work

I do it.

Its ask only one permission.

What should I do ?

Is need ask permission block use.

image Use this block

you don’t have to do nothing for permission try running your app it will ask for permission automatically .

don’t worry as u will try all it will ask all if not then maybe some issue first check without asking is that working properly or not

If it will be not ask permission and application will run correct.
But google play console will reject my application reason not take permission.

I want use block for already ask permission.

OK can you give me
My application 4 activity.

Ask permission text.

As like - android.permission…

I need it.
For my 4 activitiy