Activity Starter WEB_SEARCH

Dear All,
I’m trying to search a text in the web by the activity starter component.
Here is what I’m trying

When the Button clicked, set the text in the text box to “global a” variable
and start the Web Search for the “global a” variable (In this example it is “Hollywood”)

However, when the button clicked it opens the Web Search, but it does not take global a variable “Hollywood” in the search, where I have to manualy type “Hollywood” in the search bar & proceed web search.

I have tried with setting the Data Uri of activity starter to “global a” also
test 4
but there’s an error comming as “Error 601 There’s no correspondence activity”

greatly appreciating your support to solve this issue.


Please Search in the community first. Read this: How to search in google app through activity starter


Hi Leandro,
Thank you very much for the information,
BTW I have tried action android.intent.action.VIEW & found it can sort the issue
These are the blocks. Thanks again

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