ActivityStarter - DataType

Hello everyone!

I need to be able to choose more than one kind of file.
¿How can I add other MIME to DataType?


ActivityStarter - DataType|628x204

unfortunately you screenshot is too tiny to see anything… you might want to upload it again correctly usnig the Upload button
what kind of mime types you you like to use? you could try for example image/*


I need chose pdf and jpeg files by example to upload in Dropb


The image is ok, now?


¿Is any way to add more than one data type in the code block… I think with join block or something?

I don’t think this is possible, you can’t choose several very different types
you can try */* or use an empty string as data type to get everything…

Ok. Taifun.
I think I can put a list picker listing possible types of files I can choose and use it in a code block “if then else” to select the activity type.

Thank you very much for you time.

And I will post back later with how I get the mine type of files