Ad Delivery Disruptions

Hi everyone
You may experience some disruptions in ad delivery and see low fill rates for the next few hours. We are in the process of changing the way how ads target your apps, thus temporarily restricting normal ad serving.

Thanks for your understanding.


We are still facing Low eCPM

eCPM is very very low since last 2 weeks.
vishwas once you mentioned that:

that you are working on system so that we will have control to set eCPM.

Actually you’re right it will be good for us as well as good for @Kodular to give us control to set eCPM

hopefully they will look into this. because we see no difference while updated Ads.txt & seller.json.

please add some kind of opition to set eCPM floor or minimum eCPM atleast $1.5 for each Ad type. thanks alot. and please reply or update us about it

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