Ad inventory invitation declined

hello good morning
I have inadvertently declined kodular’s invitation to admob.
what can i do in this case?

I hope you can help me
thanks in advance

in still waiting…
also via support email …

I’m still waiting for a kind answer…

wow amazing suport…

You’re not paying for the support so please don’t be so disrespectful.

I’m sorry mate mate if you think I’m being disrespectful that’s not the end of my post
But keep in mind that it is wrong to say that you say that I am not paying for support for any product of any kind, free or paid, before you use it, you must have support, otherwise it is useless to use it… I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for a response on facebook, discord, email, and here and nothing at all… which obviously led me to this being the last time I enter this platform, I don’t know how good kodular or its community is. … if it was good then I’m glad because whoever uses it… but sadly the impression I get is that KODULAR is not worth it… either for monetization purposes or for educational purposes… well I suppose that if in a line in which they are supposed to earn money they don’t have the decency to answer me… I can’t imagine what would happen if I were doing something for profit…

Anyway, goodbye, the moderators can close this post when they have time.

Not direcly (and I am sure many people would pay if it could guaranteee that we would have our apps analyzed, since the months without monetization means hundreds of loss at the very least), but Kodular receives a % of the revenue of the partners, so it is not like they were making favors.


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