Ad not loaded Code 3 Google AD Manager

Now it is fine. Please allow some time to propagate changes.

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On my both apps?

How much time it will take ? Please

Can you check this out Diego? I’m having problem with video ads and extremely low revenue compared to Admob.

Package name: io.kodular.nickxpanos.Car_Speaker_Info

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My issue is still the same still that Code 3 error coming :thinking: so i tried to search on Google and somewhere i read aboutthis code someone posted about the same issue so he tried to change the app package name and ads are showing so i thought lets try this when i tried this change the package name install the apk and run app test and my app ads are showing but the thing is i cannot change my app package name as it published on Google play store

Can you paste here the link please so we can read what is written actully?

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Here is the link go and read full post

but there is one thing We cannot update on playstore by changing new package name. Yes, if kodular to press the refresh button in such a way that all the apps are refresh at once, then this issue can be a solved i think. What your idea?

Caution: Once you publish your application, you cannot change the package name . The package name defines your application’s identity, so if you change it, then it is considered to be a different application and users of the previous version cannot update to the new version.

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Still there is Code:3 error.

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Ads are not showing properly Code 3 error is still there and impressions are falling down :thinking:

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Any update Kodular? as my app is not loading Ad Manager rewarded ads. Plz answer us that when it will be fixed?