Ad Not Show in Application

Before 2 Days, I Was Applied For Ads Approval Request. Today, Kodular Accept My Monetization Request But Ads Not Show in App. It Works Correctly in Companion but when I Install App, It Wont Show, Even Blank Arrangment Also Not Shown.

Is Anyone Pls Tell Me What to Do Next?

Did you search community?

Yes, I Was Searched, But Not Get Satisfied Answer.

Which arrangement you are talking about

I Mean I Use Horizontal Arrangment And put Ads in It

Come back with relevant blocks and error message.

And tell more about your app and post here .apk

My App Is Quiz App. I Use Google AdMob for Ads. All Ads Show Regularly When I Test App using Connect to Campanion Using Wifi. But When I Download And Install .apk, Ads not Show.

Sorry, My App Size is Large so Kodular not Allow to Upload Here, So I Upload it on Google Drive. Here Is Link: Quiz_Hunter.apk

Today I Got Email From Google. I am not Sure What they want to Describe.

When I Open it, It Redirect Me to Below Screen:

Please Tell Me What is this?

Your app is violating Google Play policy. Go to Play Console and fix them.

“Date issued: 24 april 2019” ??
Isn’t this over 1 year old or do I miss something?

I Dont Know Why Google Show That Date? Bcoz I Create This App Before 15 Days…
Its Really Weird…

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