Ad serving to my app has been disabled

Ad serving disabled with following details:

Note: Around 10 days before, it was unpublished from playstore with 200 active downloads. I dont know if it is related to issue

Fix the issue then. No one here can do it for you.

Hey man, i dont know what the issue is, that is why i posted it here. I am suspecting that it has been unpublished, that is what they are trying to say, just want to confirm

Why didn’t you google the issue? It’s restricted because Admob don’t want to show ads because of something in your app. Only you know what that is and only you can fix it. Try doing something for yourself before asking for help.

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If your app is not in Google Play Store than you can’t recieve ads on your app . That’s why you got that message from admob leave this app and make any other app but your earning is safe from this app . Okay :blush:

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