Add a "Don't show errors" checkbox for CloudDB

ClouDB errors are always showing on screen, and sometimes they last forever, “spamming” the screen.

It could be cool if we can choose if we want errors to be shown on screen, or no.

Thanks in advence


Try Fixing The Error.
Not Hiding it.

Well, you are right but at the same time not.

The following error that I’m showing as exemple is an error because the user disconnected their internet. There are some errors you can’t fix.

And do you use the CloudDB component? Cause it’s really much harder to configure and strange. Read the full topic b4 m8.

Use Network Component.
As Network Disconnect.
Open Another Screen Showing No Network Warning.
And Allow Them Use App Only When Connected.

You are right, I can do that.

But this doesn’t solve the main problem at all.
I just said 1 situation over 20+ situations that can happen. The CloudDB component is still experimental.

Even if I use your solution, it will still show the error on the screen, since the CloudDB component uses multiple connections at the same time (2 or 3 ig).

So I’m gonna ask the question one more time. DO YOU USE THE CLOUDDB COMPONENT?

B4 making any comments, make sure you know this component.

And no, sorry if you feel like you solve it but you didn’t so no, I’m not gonna delete the topic cause someone told me to.

Have a good day

NO i Dont,t Think.

it’s Not About That.


Sorry m8, but I think our conversation end here. I’m not gonna explain for 8 hours to someone that don’t even use the component I’m talking about.

(Btw use the shift key to make only one uppercase letter, cause it’s seems you are using capslock for ever sentence)

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Use the Screen.Error Ocurred block and you dont even need to put anything in it it should not show those errors as long as you have that event

Yes, it solves the whole problem.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me :confused:

still the same “popup” showing and being on screen forever. I need to close the app for it to stop :sweat_smile:

Okay yeah I made a bug report and Conor said it works but looks like it doesn’t

Ok! Tell me if you have any response from him

Hello my friends. I have this problem too.

I use a Redis-DB from as a clouddb. This works very well. But I also get this error message irregularly. Sometimes not for a few days, then again all the time. Does anyone have any idea what I can do?