Add icon of Material Icons in List made using Dynamic Components

Hello Koders,
I have made a List using Dynamic Components and I want to add Icon in it through Label.

As we all know we can change the label Font Typeface property from Default to Material Icons.
But how to do in dynamic components because in the dynamic components we can set the label property from the blocks in any components but as you know in the blocks there is only font typeface import.
I have seen the material icons font download but the file size is 60MB which is high size for an app.
So, does anyone have the idea on how to add icons rather than images.
Or are there any alternatives for it.
Please let me know .

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Download this font file from github

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Why don’t you set them from SetProperty ?


Thanks for the help.

If you have got your solution plz mark my answer as solution

Does FontTypeface also work from built in Dynamic Components for Material Icons

Yes it works, give it a try :slight_smile:

What should be the value?

The name of the icon. You can also create a list of the icons that you want to use in your labels and for each label created assign a different icon

I am getting this error,

My Blocks

Recheck the Blocks Shared by dora.
You are Doing things Wrong.


I just saw the first two blocks and got the error.
Thanks, For correcting me

Thanks @dora_paz for helping me out.

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