Add marker Google Map

Hello, I want to add Google Map Marker buy Firebase Real-Time Database but I have some problem.
How can use Add marker component when it not Add marker component from Json.


Or should to use Add marker component from Json. what could be easier

See Google Maps - Kodular Docs


An example with markers data stored (json format) in firebase can be found

I’m not sure. In firebase I have data 4 tag in GPS bucket and kodular code for exam it show data LAT1 and LNG1 on Label.


Now from your exam in circle I should connect some order to get value from LAT1 and LNG1 in list to use for add marker ?

For me it would be better to re-design your firebase stucture but if you want to leave it like this for example


You could use these blocks


Thank you very much. I will get your exam to use.

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If you wish to use json format with this firebase structure try replacing this blocks



Thank you so much. I will try it.

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