Add timer to user bucket

How to add timer to users database for each users ? I tried hard but failed as I am new to kodulars. Here I want when an user click on button “today”, a time add to users and they can’t click during timer.
Currently timer start in tinyDb and not appy to users. Please help as soon as possible.



So you want to say,
Suppose If timer is of 10sec, Then when button today clicked then till 10 sec user cannot click it.
And after 10sec user is allowed to click it.

Am I right?

But timer should store to each users, if timer is set to 5 hours, then user can able to click again after 5 hours.

Tell me for each user
From where we get timer,from firebase?

Yes. Timer should store to users database. Already given screensort.

Take a variable (Suppose name is ButtonClicked) and initialize it to 0.

Now, When today clicked then check condition if variable ButtonClicked is 0 then (Copy all present block of today clicked inside this condition ) and just inside that condition add 1 more block that is Set ButtonClicked to 1.

And Set Value of ButtonClicked to 0 when timer overs kr whenever you want…

Suggestions to fix one thing in you block.
Enable timer to true in button today clicked block after storing timer value.

Hope I have tried to help you if yes the mark it as solutions.

Now from above post

If user click between timer then the condition ButtonClicked = 0 will be false and nothing will happen.