Adding a new procedure the app won't compile

Hi Koders!
I want to add a new feature to my app, so I added a few blocks. When tried to compile it gives me this error and won’t even start compiling:
If I disable one of the new procedures, the app can be compiled. If some of the blocks of this procedure are erased, the app can be compiled.
I deleted a few procedures and many useless blocks, but there are still almost 15.400 blocks in the app.
What should I do?

Check up is the same kind of blocks added multiple times or any component of same type into multiple times.

Upload your aia into Kodular unchivesite then send us the snapshot of home page

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Yes, the procedure I mentioned is quite similar to another. I think I can rebuild it using the other one and making some changes to the results. I’ll try and see what happens.

I tried not to make so many screens, but its easier to handle like this. I always close one screen before going to another one. The problem is in the Screen1, the principal one.
Thanks for your help!

Pls show the summary (969.3 KB)

I believe the error is due to more number of blocks only… Have you try when any component block?? Because checking in 10k blocks is huge morever my creator wont reposed properly to open this project.

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Yes, I have some procedures with “any component” blocks, but it seems it not enough. I’ll try to reduce number of blocks and procedures and see what happens.
I already changed the “problematic” procedure and it didn’t worked to compile.
Any other idea will be appreciated.
Thanks again!

The app has a procedure to translate it which has so many blocks. If this blocks are deleted, the app can compile.
This is a part of the procedure blocks:

But there are more than 500 components to translate, most of them labels, but there are buttons and other components.
Is there anyway to generate a json with elements and string number so a dictionary can be created from this json and make the translation with a “for each” procedure?
Manually can be created, but will take ages, so any automathed way is possible?

Dont use like this… Make a two list. One with required label and another with this numbers, then by using for each number from to by just reduce these blocks

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I’ll try. Thanks for your help again.