Adding a number to DatePicker and displaying the results

I’ve searched the community and google and youtube and mit and haven’t found the answer, yet.

I want to prompt the user to enter a future date.
I want to add 100 to that date and display the result.
I want to add 200 to that date and then display that result as well.

I can’t use the clock function because it only works off the current time otherwise I would just add days to the clock and display the result.

I know the problem is trying to add a number to a date field and I can’t figure that out how to do that.

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the community. An example using date picker and clock component

Maybe help you…

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Thanks. I wanted something like that to be the solution but, as you can tell by my question my brain would not let me even try it.

I may lose a lot of sleep having fun tonight. Thanks.

I ended up using when Date_Picker1 After Date Set
instead of when Button1.Click that way the calculation is triggered once the date is entered without having to click Ok

Thanks again!!!