Adding items to a list inside of a list

For the image above, which is the example you should follow, you can see I’ve initialized ONE variable (which is a pro for not wanting too many variables). I’ve added 2 lists to the example variable, with a key (this is optional, but it’s just a hint towards what I’ll be doing next). To add the items to the list, you must get the index of the list you want to add it to, in this case it’d be 1 (Denied Permissions) or 2 (Granted Permissions). Whatever item you add, will be in the list afterwards.


ok, fine…
but why not creating 2 lists, a list for denied permissions and another list for granted permissions?
kiss - keep it simple, stupid…



Oh I never knew there wasnt more than one way to do something, I’m sorry. Next time I’ll keep it simple, smartie :expressionless:

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:no_mouth: What’s going on here?

Nathan’s solution increases block count and decreases variables so in some cases it is better and some cases it is worse.

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All it shows is how to add an item to a list inside of a list, I don’t understand why I got called stupid (or so what was at least in knowledge implied). Some people do this to keep things more simple and organized, it bunches blocks together instead of having to find more than one variable just to change what it’s default is.

sorry, but nobody was called stupid…
I only mentioned a general programming rule, and its name is - KISS , an acronym for " keep it simple, stupid "

don’t take everything personally…
Pura Vida!




Literally my grandmother was a newborn :no_mouth:

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