Admib earning sudden decreases

Hello guys. Thanks for kodular for helping me to make app without coding. One of my app is downloaded 100k+. Some days ago its admob earning was decreases just half. I was shocked nd could not understood. Is any one know about this. Any idea pls tell me .thanks

Name of your app

I can’t show you. For some reason. But its have more than 1 lac download. But user retention is very low

And the reasons are?


I think this is your app

And If I’m correct… Your app shows lots for ads for almost every activity… So its not so unusual that your earnings reduced !!!

App name is girl friend find prank.
Its a good ads placement. I have read banner abd interstial policy carefully before placing ads.

From where you guys get ideas like this hell. Please also tell me if you have any ideas that you have not unsed and don’t want to use.

Bro you can make app for ex
1-image editor
2-fake call
3-police suit photo editor
4-pencil sketch phot
5-romantic photos.
6-animal photos with sounds.
Etc i think those app gets download without advertisement.
Can you make any of those app pls tell me
I can’t make.
You als can visit play store for different app types i also research.
You can make pls reply we can work together.thanks