AdMob Ad in WebView

Hello all
I think to convert my own website in Webview. AdSense in not added in my Website.
I want to add AdMob in my WebView App but I don’t know how to Add Ad in WebView?
How to Show it? I Try On Progress Change and I Decide to show ad when that variable reach 10 but its not possible.
Is Anyone please help me to do this?

(I Already Searched over Community but didn’t find satisfied answer hense I created a post)
Sorry for my English

What have you tried so far? Show relevant blocks.

I Read Online that If your Website doesn’t Contain Adsense then you allow to show AdMob in WebView

Perhaps that’s possible then. I’m just going by the topics posted here.

Hi @asimjib93
I Delete Blocks because it doesn’t work.
If you have any Idea, please help me to solve this issue

Is this Correct or Not?

I don’t have any idea! :sweat_smile: Show your blocks that are not working.

Then I Have to Set is Again that Non-Working Blocks :joy:

Yes please! Set it up again, try it and if still does not work, come up with the blocks so I can try to fix things up for you.

But the progress change depends upon network speed and your website traffic… if you use =10 then you cannot set it. If you use greate than 10 then it may work

How long your ad will be visible? I thought you are asking whether it is legal or illegal to use admin in web view , that I don’t know

Some Time it become 9 from 0 and sometime 2 from 0

I want to use normal Interstitial ad

Yes, this too