Admob ads are not showing

In Companion test mode all admob banner,interstitial and reward ads are working fine but when i export the app it doesn’t shows any ad.why? Error:internal error server responce is null.

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It’s a admob internal error it’s fixed automatically after some time your admob ads work perfectly

What about this?

I have also faced this problem. Haven’t got any solution :pensive:

Don’t try to load Lots of ads. Wait until 1 ad finish showing

I am showing only one ad…
I found out the reason…

The reason wasn’t to load lots of ad…

I loaded an ad didn’t shown it on that screen

And I loaded another ad with same ad unit on another screen so this error occurred… Found the solution… Thanks for responding


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Why Do you need a Clicking Method? It’s Not Allowed!

Your AdSense will be banned after use of vpn

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So what did you do to solve the problem?
I use the same ad units in all screens too.

I don’t know… All the ads are working just fine…
Me too used same ad units on all screens