Admob Ads Behaviour [App Approved]

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If you are using Admob Ads in kodular, you must be familiar with this Error Message - The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory

I am aslo getting this error message and am ok with it.

The question is, when the app is in Live Test Mode, the admob ads are always loaded and displayed ! But as soon as the apk is compiled, that error message is displayed again. What does this mean ? What is the difference between the AD request from Live Test and AD request through apk itself ?

Can somebody give me a satisfactory answer ? How the ads never show this error message in Live Test Mode and load properly ?


I think The Reason Behind it is Because of the Package Name. If you Check the package name when it is in Companion it’s kodular package name while when building it’s your own package name for which Admob has not yet alloted Much ads while the companion receive ads due to its package name


Better to publish app on Google play store

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