Admob ads error in my App


(KrishuTech) #1

Hello Koders ,
First see this


Only of one app ads report , all the blocks are correct , my admob configuration is also correct , but then also hige difference in impression and Page views .
Now what is this why there is a huge difference .
Why is it ???


Maybe this is a question for the people from admob.

(KrishuTech) #3

Thanks for your response @Peter ,
But i don’t think so , i have watched my friend adsense report its good and but only mines have problems

(Kleyber Derick) #4

Just curious… why do you believe it’s a Kodular problem? Based on what?

(KrishuTech) #5

Actually i First i have build my app with thunkable then admob report was good like page views and impression was same but here is huge difference when i shift to kodular , when i update my app through kodular . Then my earning decrease by this . That’s why

(maruf khan) #6

i have same issue