Admob ads Importance for us. Remove approval system

Now a days all user need to earn money from development and providing better supervises in app. but user dose not earn without publish app in play store. and all user cannot afford playsotre developer fees 25$. yes if afford then unable to pay due to international transaction. i have tried multiple time with different cards but its fails and lose of money 1$ every failed transaction as google security deposit. now Indian developer are developing new platform where Admob ads are totally controlled by user.
if you don’t want to lose your Indian user you must need to remove Admob approval system. think about it.

The approval system we have implemented ensures all apps made with Kodular stick to a basic set of standards we believe are essential to ensuring advertisers are not scammed. The system helps us filter out low quality apps which seek to mint money by polluting apps with ads.

We at Kodular encourage our users to make apps of their own, either by starting from scratch or remixing projects made by other Koders. The approval system prevents copies of the same app being monetised and distributed (often with no attribution to the original app developer).

I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that we at Kodular put quality and originality over overused tropes solely intent on making quick cash. We also intend to maintain a user base with a high standard of creativity and individuality.

At the end of the day, the approval process helps keep our users safe and maintain trust with our advertising partners. This is something we certainly are not going to change anytime soon.


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Thank you for your valuable replay. i understand your policy and security for developers and i agreed with you. but one side you need to change that. else same app build in kodular need to enhance in other site. its better to provide directly. to avoid long processes. Yes implement small possess like verify by kodular staff about originality or other things you need.

If any devloper want to cell their app then what should he do