Admob ads not showing app in play store

Hi please help me my app in play store but ads not showing please guide me

Can you send app link so that I can check it?

yeah… here are in your inbox?

You can post it publicly so that others can test it too.


After checking your app, I think I got it! You should not use first screen as scrollable. Try this.

ads are showing when this app was new in play store after some this ads are stop showing

Make sure-

  1. You’re implementing Ad IDs correctly.
  2. Blocks are correct.
    If, all of above are correct, then you can try the above mentioned method.

yeah all blocks are correct

kindly help me

Can you show us your codes for a cross checking?

yeah sure bro

Post a screenshot here.

screenshot bro

No problems were found on code. Try using Screen1 as Not Scrollable. Hope this will fix your issue. I am saying this because I fetched this same problem before.

your apps are working fine now?

Perfectly working.

Please inbox me ur whats app no.

image here is screen 1