Admob ads not showing

today i updated our app than i see not show any ads in my app for same adunit code those i apply in our previous version app. than i download our app from playstore i see ads aur run there so i think some problem in koduler .
please suggest me what i do

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It’s better to search topics or read this:point_down::point_down:

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Wait kodular will fix it shortly!!!

Atleast search the community before posting any topic.
Few days ago I posted a alternative solution so If you can’t wait then use this method.

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It’s really sad kodular team don’t understanding this problem. I think it’s not Google policy problem. I am losing a lot of money :sob:. I also sure that new kodular may have problem with admob ads. Because my same app shows ad quickly that was made by previous kodular versions. But when I updated app ads not showing properly. But in same time ads showing very good in my same app(previous version) please give us back kodular previous version :pray::sob:


only test fb ads
I used to ads Facebook, then it was running fine. But this problem is admob ad implement.

Hmm bro. Hope @kodular will update soon!

how many money did you lose. DOnt tell me now 1000 of dollar, and you forgot that you built a app for free, you can buy you expensive builder abos like aperiy for 700 dollar for one year. I think if sometimes are a small amount of tiny errors are not a problem. Loook how much components we have, look at thunkable they have nothing, appybuilders last update was last year i think so i am happy to built apps here for free with that great components. We got each month a update and sometime after two weeks. All other builder havd update time of a few month.
So stay tuned they said that they working on the problem.
dont be agry, give them time.