Admob ads placement

Hello guys can you help me here, I created more than 10 admob accounts and they serve ads for a maximum of 2weeks then they suddenly stops. But the admob account doesn’t get suspended or banned, it just stop showing impressions.

Any notice from Google?

Admob and Adsense account is limited to one account per person.

No, they continue sending tips

Take a look at above reply .

Sure but when I see one account not serving ads I then open a new one

You should not do this. Instead of creating a new account, you should investigate why the ads are not showing from old account.

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I’ve tried it but the admob team doesn’t reply

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Expected! :wink: I would be surprised if they reply!

Use When Ad Failed to Load block to check what the issue is.

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Okay let me check it out

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There it is

All it says is that, Google does not have any Ad available to show for your app when you’re requesting for it .

The only possible solutions we know are:-

  1. Make your app good looking.
  2. Use good contents.
  3. Gather a good quantity of traffic.
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There is nothing you can do in it.
It means that you should increase the quality of app or wait for sometime.
Making a new account is not a solution

So what should I do because it’s now about 2moths from when it stopped showing ads

Thanks brother, but I increase traffic daily

How many traffic you get every day in an average?

I have 2000+ total subscribers

Is your app live in Google play?

Hello @iziemhj
Ok I will try and help you with this.
You need to close all the old Admob accounts you had

Then keep ONE account that is attached to your Main Gmail account Normall the first account you used.
All AdMob account are connected to Gmail and AdSense, by Google policy you can only have ONE AdMob and Adsense account, When you create a new AdMob it will create a new AdSense this will throw a code in the system to says that there are too many accounts and will block all of them.
You must delete all other accounts and just keep one then you have to reinstate that one AdMob with your details of your main gmail account.
I hope this helps.

I grew up in Zim if I can help I will

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This is only the STEP-1! He has yet to deal with Lack of Ad inventory!

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