Admob banner and snackbar

is it okay to show a snackbar that will overlay the admob banner for short time (normal snackbar show time )
or is sit againt the admob rules ?

If the snackbar has button, then no, because the user’s finger may touch the ad unintentionally which Google don’t like (as they say in their Admob best practices articles)

I don’t know if the snackbar has no button, will the user click it?

So, it would be better if you can hide the banner ad for sometime until the snackbar is gone.

no i use it without button it will go away without need to click it (in makeroird you can set it to long and short time )
but i think the CAN click it to make it go away faster

Yes, I do click on toasts to hide them immediately.

so better to hide the banner?

Yes, it would be better to hide the ad for that duration.


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