AdMob Interstitial Ads not loading

Hey all I was trying to load ads on my app in the test mode the ads are loading but when I try to load ads by disabling test mode the ads don’t load can some one check my code
attaching the code


Thanks in advance

yes i did that

If you already done with this setting then Let me check with your aia file… wait please

i have removed the aia file insted i have attached the code png

Yes I See… your blocks is right…
you can follow some tricks like

  1. clear your app’s cache files.
  2. reset you advertisement id By setting → Ads → Reset Adv ID
  3. Then try to open your app 4-5 times (some time admob takes time to show ads by receiving ads biding)

or also if ads are not showing then report to kodular… may be it’s a faulty bug from kodular SDK

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Is your Admob Account fresh?
Try if ad loading failed component to check error.
It will give you error code.

I created my account yesterday

ok let me check


like this right

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Try Error code also.

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Is your app approved to show ads in Admob?
Shows ready after name of app.

i am not sure let me check

Admob says it requires review
is that causing the problem

Yes, and error code will be mostly 3, failed to fill ads inventory.

ohk so how much time does it take to review my app on admob

My experience - 2-3 hours but in my case it used to show under review.

I made my account yesterday between 8 - 8:30 pm but its still showing Requires review

in my case its shows requires review not under review

what does it exactly mean by supported app store can you explain me

dose it mean that on which app store i am going to publish my app