Admob privacy policy update API admob working

Admob update your privacy policy for API level admob not show and add in my app how to solve this problem reply quick now I miss you when you is very down for last 5 days what’s the reason to supply anyone

I dont understand what you mean.
Please write your problem.


not only you. but he wanted fast a answer because he didt get money ohhh bad money sinve 5 days no money in his earning app. mikka he wanted fast a answer fast. come on mikka make fast for his money ad mob makes no m,oney since 5 days sp please fast he missed you too lol


I am getting no money for my app either. You people need to fix this asap.

It is not a Kodular problem. See this post.

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helloo sir ,admob my application sometimes ads show and sometime ads not show what is problem tell me?