Admob showing in test mode & companion, but not showing in real apk file

Hello, I have made my app with Admob.
I saw it work in test mode for many times, and I saw it showing real ads when I turned off the test mode, in Companion. but I can’t see the ad in real apk.

1.Monetization aproved------- OK
2.Connect to Companion------OK
generate QR cord For APP --------If you install it on my phone, Google Ad Mob ads won’t come out.
What’s the problem?

Please help me ㅜㅜ

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Is there a condition that I need to upload to the Google Play Store for the ad to work?

Thank you for your kind reply. But I tried to do what you advised, but I don’t have a CALL block like an image.

It’s difficult.

Drag and drop a notifier & you’ll get that block inside notifier.

Yes, I know how to do it, but I can’t see the blocks above. ㅜㅜ