AdMob Temporary ad serving limit placed on my AdMob account

I have received this mail from google AdMob that limited ad serving placed.
I googled it. I am not understanding why it’s happening.
Here is the screenshot of app:-

I have 3 banner ad and 2 interstial ad in my app so what shoud i do next
here is the screenshot of the mail:-

Need I say more?


Then how many banner and full scren ads should i keep??

ONE. No one likes to be bombarded with ADs. At most two ADs.

I dont understand could you edit my apk, i will give you my aia file, please fix the ads in the right place??
Could you PM Me??

ads limit is because of wrong impression or wrong click and they will check your ads call and status and within a week they will fix or ban your account, there is nothing to do in app.

Is this a joke or a fun app?

Or is it supposed to be serious?

If it’s the former you should state it in the app description. If it’s the latter then show some proof.

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I can see 3 banner on one screen. My simple question to you, do you want user to serve any service or just to fool them and earn money?

Depending on your app quality, 1 ad serving per page is recommended… There is NOTHING on your app screen except some ugly buttons!

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Be nice now, boys…


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Ad limiter is used by admob when you start getting unknown traffic or inorganic traffic

eg: When you advertise your app or when you get too meny download from social media

Mostly these things only happens

To solve this

Immediately delete ad unit placement ID and leave it for 10 to 15 days
after that you create a new placement ID, implement in your app
and update it on Play Store